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We've worked together as a solid team for over 20 years combining our experience in both executive sales and marketing. Mastre Consulting offers a unique blend of services to help our clients achieve results.

We believe in combining the strengths of business development and digital marketing to achieve results. This is what makes Mastre Consulting different than other agencies. We know that success comes from comprehensive strategy development to design a blueprint for our tactics, while being flexible and quick to pivot when needed. We value the power of storytelling and keeping "social" in social media. As a boutique firm, we work closely with our clients giving in-house teamwork effort, and maintain an exclusive client portfolio without overextending ourselves. We believe in intentional, hand-crafted work without relying on automation.

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Kristin MAstre

The marketing and media side of Mastre Consulting, Kristin leverages her passion for social media and digital marketing to help increase brand awareness and community conversation surrounding our clients. 

She has over 12 years of experience in copywriting with articles published by FOX News, USA Today, Reuters and a multitude of news stations across the country. She founded a hyper-local media network in Fort Collins managing 12 websites with various writers covering lifestyle niche topics in our community that attracted over 50,000 visitors a month. She was also the restaurant critic in the company, developing a high level of expertise in the food and beverage industry for 9 years. She has been hired as a freelance outdoor writer to share stories of mountain adventures with outfitters and gear reviews for companies, and developed local events to help people live their life to the fullest. 

She has collaborated and worked with other local PR-marketing agencies on large client accounts, and has over 5 years of agency management experience through her partnership in founding Four Course Marketing. 

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Bill MAstre

Bill is the sales and business development side of Mastre Consulting. He flexes his 20 + years of executive experience utilizing a variety of professional skill sets to build our clients up. His background reflects strengths in launching new products and services, establishing and growing a loyal customer base, and turning underachieving territories into highly profitable business enterprises within extremely competitive markets. He displays professionalism and high levels of integrity as a front-line corporate representative, and is qualified to present, negotiate and secure contracts with large revenue producing accounts.

His expertise spans a variety of industries from real estate, to finance, and consumer goods, working with local businesses, start-ups, and global enterprises. 



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