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Digital Marketing is the bread and butter service at Mastre Consulting. We specialize in creative lifestyle industries and helping pioneering brands. We have decades of experience in working with local small businesses, budding start-ups with global reach, creative grass-roots artists, and collaborating our services with other marketing agencies for larger projects. 

This is a list of varied digital marketing services we provide on a regular basis for our clients. 

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Email marketing is a reliable way to stay in touch with your most engaged and interested followers. We can provide template design, customer segment strategies, copywriting, and incorporate all of these tactics together in comprehensive marketing strategies to meet your goals. 

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Blog posts, website copy, white papers, articles, case studies and more! With over 12 years of freelance writing and 9 years of media network ownership under our belts, writing services are a staple service with Mastre Consulting. Storytelling styles are the secrete sauce in our content strategies. 

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Sometimes your goals need a little boost. We dial in your target audience, pull together the most important keywords, and whip up creative design to turn heads toward your products and services. Digital advertising on social media platforms and Google Adwords are where we do our best eyebrow-raising work! 

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Natural keyworded content, website plugins and tags, headers, footers, and source analytics - we take all of those ingredients and combine them to get you on the front page of Google so you show up when people are looking for a business like yours. 


Electronic Press Kits

In working with a variety of artists, we know how important it is to have an EPK to get booked for shows, or for writers to have a press kit to manage marketing trips. We know the ins and outs of what agents are looking for in working with you and can highlight your best qualities to bring them front and center stage. 

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If you're looking for a unique way to showcase your expertise in your field, build a stronger community through storytelling, or reach a different audience through a new platform, we can help with podcasting! We can write episode outlines and talking points, develop interview questions for your guests, and take care of all of the recording and editing processes for people to find you on iTunes. 

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Influencer Programs

Collaborations and partnerships are a fantastic way to increase digital reach and awareness about your business. Influencer programs can elevate a strategy to the next level. We can create extensive programs that leverage audiences while developing relationships with influencers that bring authentic messaging to their followers. We create these programs to benefit both our client's business and the influencer to ensure strong relationships while being able to track ROI for you.  

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Social Media 

The peas to our carrots, the meat to our potatoes... we've been best friends with social media before Facebook was a glimmer in Zuckerberg's eye. We've been there since the beginning of the social media revolution and have weathered the constant changes throughout the years. We know each platform like the back of our hand and work on just about all of them - Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Youtube, Pinterest, LinkedIn, reddit, Snapchat, and more. This is a service we are exceptionally passionate about. 

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You might be managing your social media yourself, you may already have a website, and you need a little extra help with getting the word out about a product launch or a special new service you're adding. Or maybe you just need a little pizzazz to spice up your existing strategies! We combine a variety of our services together to create a comprehensive strategic campaign to power your messaging with a little extra punch. 

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Website Design

Websites don't have to be complicated, but building them can be time consuming. We can take that task off your plate by creating beautiful, mobile-friendly designs on the front end, powered with targeted SEO and analytics on the back end. Even with ecommerce sites! We work best with Squarespace and Wordpress.

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Press Releases

Traditional PR has a place in comprehensive marketing strategies to get media coverage for new products or services that come to market, or to announce milestone achievements in your business. We've been on both the media side receiving press releases and the marketing side writing them. We know what editors and journalists are looking for in a story and will make sure to get them hooked with the right lede. 

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Community Management

Social media is more than just posting updates, sharing photos, and being consistent with content. It's important to us that we put the social back in social media, so we engage in conversation and encourage participation on your pages for you without leaving your accounts to automated systems. We give you hand-crafted, engaged communities.